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Credit provided. Repr. Example: Eff. Annual interest 4.62%, b. Debit interest 3.70% pa, net loan amount 7.500 €, term 3 years, commission once 1.25% of the net loan amount.


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Whether it’s a new car or a used car, financing the vehicle is an attractive way to reduce the cost of a car and extend it over the life of the vehicle. This reduces the impact of a new car purchase on your own budget. The financing of a car is also the most widely used form of borrowing in Germany: over 20 billion euros are taken up annually in the form of installment loans to finance the purchase of cars.
When financing your vehicle purchase, it is therefore important to have a partner who can respond quickly and competently while at the same time offering you transparent solutions. The simpler the financial information is, the sooner you can focus on the new dream car.
With Giromatch we offer you the opportunity to finance vehicles and to receive the commitment within seconds (so-called instant confirmation). We do without pen and paper, the application is completely online.

  • Car financing with immediate commitment
  • Favorable conditions and fast repayment
  • Without vehicle registration possible

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What is a car loan or a car financing and how does it work?


A car loan is a consumer loan that is wholly or largely earmarked and may only be used to pay for a vehicle purchase. This car loan is currently offered by most banks and savings banks; On the one hand from the local branch companies, on the other hand as auto financing online. He is always a installment loan. The car loan is paid in one sum to the borrower. The contractually agreed monthly loan installments remain unchanged during the repayment term. The vehicle owner can thus easily plan the car financing in his monthly budget. Depending on the creditworthiness of the loan seeker and the choice of the bank is also a car financing Schufa, or a car financing without Schufa quite realistic. To put it in a nutshell: Car financing online or as a car loan with the local bank offers the car owner the opportunity to bargain with his car dealer on a discount in the double-digit percentage range to negotiate.

Car Financing with Car Loans Vs. Autobank

Car Financing with Car Loans Vs. Autobank

Comparing the financing is worthwhile

The dealer offers his customer when buying a new car financing through the Autobank of the brand, which he represents exclusively. At first glance, the financing is sensationally low. Often, a zero-percent financing is advertised. The vehicle buyer should nevertheless compare and calculate several different offers. Because the car dealer can submit only one financing offer, namely that of his autobank. There is no other possibility for him. The customer, on the other hand, can choose among a large number of credit institutions and their offers for a car loan. He can opt for his house bank, as well as for a car finance online at a previously unknown bank.

Cash advance allows cash discount when buying a car

With a car loan taken on the open market, the car owner in the dealership is a cash customer. As the saying goes, he pays the purchase price for the new vehicle or for the used car in a sum. This happens either in cash or by transfer to the company account. The decisive factor here is that the car dealer literally has nothing to do with vehicle financing. He just writes the bill, which he has to do anyway. In this situation, the customer can negotiate a cash rebate. The car dealer is in return for the fact that he car sales neither personnel nor administrative costs incurred, at a significant discount. This is common in the industry and is also handled without exception. Now it is up to the negotiating skills of the customer, which cash payment discount he negotiates with this or that dealer. A discount of 15 to 20 percent and more on the purchase price is not excluded. This saved sum directly affects the car loan. The lower the purchase price, the lower the car loan and the cheaper is ultimately the car financing as such. The borrower has the option of significantly reducing the monthly installment while the loan term remains unchanged. With an equally high monthly rate, the term of the car loan is visibly reduced.

The role of Schufa in vehicle financing

Another argument in favor of car loans or car financing online and against the financing of the autobank is Schufa, which is a Schufa business partner. They make the financing of a good to very good, that is high Schufa score dependent. The auto-financing itself is then entered into the Schufa database as a liability. Against this background, auto financing is largely excluded despite Schufa. The financing is, as it is said, rejected for lack of creditworthiness. On the other hand, when it comes to loan for the car in the credit market, the loan seeker has good to very good chances of auto-financing, despite Schufa.Each credit institution has its own, very individual lending guidelines. What one bank refuses, that is approved in the other quite. The loan seeker should not be discouraged by one or a few cancellations because of his auto financing despite Schufa. He most likely finds a bank that grants a car loan despite or, as it is also called, negative Schufa. To secure the loan either way the registration certificate Part II, the former motor vehicle letter is deposited with the lender. This has the guarantee that the car owner can not sell the car without his OK; do not sell or give away.

Private loan as an alternative form of financing

Only with a car finance online, the car owner has the opportunity to auto finance without Schufa.Some German and all foreign online banks do not work together with the Schufa. The credit check is done without Schufa, and the approved car loan is not registered in the Schufa database. He remains a discreet, confidential business of which only both parties know. In addition, the Schufa score is not affected by the car loan without Schufa. The score can only calculate and evaluate what is in the Schufa database. The liability for the car loan in the four- or five-digit range has nothing to do with the Schufa.


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What is a car loan or a car financing and how does it work?

For each car loan, a contract is concluded between the lender and the borrower. The formal requirements for this are largely the same for all banks, including online for car finance. The applicant must be legally and legally competent, have his main residence in Germany and keep his checking account as a salary account with a bank in Germany. Based on the credit rating, a regular and secure income from work is expected to be well above the exemption limit. That is for one person at about 1,050 euros. The income from work for employees, employees and civil servants with the remuneration statement for the past one, two or three months as well as the corresponding bank statements as proof of credit is to be proven. In individual cases, the submission of the employment or employee contract is expected in addition. All other professions such as self-employed, entrepreneurs, tradespeople or freelancers must provide meaningful records of annual turnover and profit. Evidence of the identity of the person seeking credit will be provided by postident or videoident, depending on the credit institution. Both are free.

Fully comprehensive and GAP insurance recommended for every car financing

The vehicle owner should be aware that the car loan continues to run regardless of the condition of the vehicle. The car may be broken, unable to drive or a total loss; the car loan must continue to be serviced month after month. Against this background, a comprehensive insurance for the new vehicle is recommended. Often it is given by the lender as a must. With a GAP insurance, the borrower is on the very safe side. GAP means gap to German. In the case of a total loss, experience shows that there is a financing gap between the current balance of the car loan on the one hand and the actual payment of the full insurance on the other. This gap is closed by the GAP insurance. At best, the contractual own share of the comprehensive insurance is also insured, so that for the vehicle owner of the total loss bottom line with plus minus zero.